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An Artificial Intelligence suite for companies of all sizesExecute your AI strategy for your employees

TekstiAI enables your company to quickly take Artificial Intelligence into effective use by providing a streamlined toolset. Use your company's existing materials as a basis for creating value for both your employees and your customers. Executing your AI strategy does not have to be a daunting endeavour. TekstiAI makes it straightforward, cost-effective and inspiring.

Find out how TekstiAI can help you provide AI for your employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

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Can I do _____ with TekstiAI?

Have generative ChatGPT style chats? - Yes

Get references so I know where the provided information is from? - Yes

Bring my own materials to the platform? - Yes

Integrate with our centralized file system? - Yes, OneDrive, SharePoint

Engineer my own prompts? - Yes

Take care of data hygiene so no one sees what they're not supposed to? - Yes

Tap into the proven ecosystems

At the speed of AI solutions expanding, you shouldn't have to bet on a single AI provider, or make separate implementations for multiple providers. With TekstiAI, you can stay clear of expensive customization projects and vendor locks.

Secure and confidential

We understand the value of your data, and security is our utmost priority. Rest assured that all your information is encrypted and protected, with strict access controls to ensure confidentiality.

Easy to use

TekstiAI's user-friendly interface makes it easy for your employees to interact with the system. The intuitive design allows even non-technical users to take full advantage of the powerful features without a steep learning curve.

Put your materials to work

TekstiAI is ideal for companies looking to utilize and access their vast repositories of knowledge. It allows employees to quickly search and find relevant information from documents, reports, manuals, and other textual materials, allowing faster and better use of the information your company has already created.