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Our Product

Unveiling a seamless integration of artificial intelligence with your enterprise's digital realm. Our offerings are a robust Web Application and a versatile Widget, both designed to bridge the gap between your data and actionable insights. Whether it's sifting through the company's corpus of documents or engaging with a dynamic AI in real-time, we've got you covered.

Currently operating within the OpenAI ecosystem, we provide a secure and potent platform for all your AI needs. Customize your experience by bringing in your Azure OpenAI subscription or let us manage it for you. As we evolve, stay tuned for support of other AI providers to broaden your horizons.

Seamless experience on any platform

TekstiAI's easy-to-use application gives you the ability to insert documents and materials from which you want to make contextual searches. You will be up and running within a day, without the hassle of an expensive and time consuming implementation project.

We also offer a plug-and-play widget, which you an embed to your website, enabling your customers to receive referenced answers for any questions they might have for your company, saving your resources.

TekstiAI is the optimal Artificial Intelligence solution for internal company use


With TekstiAI, you can finally obliterate your data silos for good. We offer interfaces that let you input the data you want your company’s AI to use. Your data is securely processed into manageable chunks, helping employees quickly find the answers they need about your company’s operations, boosting productivity.

We take security and privacy seriously, and that is why it is of utmost importance to us that your data is handled safety. We provide tools to maintain your company's data hygiene, ensuring that only your employees and stakeholders are only permitted entry to materials they are authorized to.

TekstiAI generates a topical map from your data, so you can wave goodbye to the days of your employees spending hours navigating tedious folder structures in your company's drive. Now, they can focus on what they do best: their work.

Provide your customers with AI, out-of-the-box


In today's fast-paced world, you don't want to leave your customers guessing. Provide instant access to all the information they need with trustworthy, referenced searches from your curated content.

Get up to speed with AI swiftly and scale it as you like. A favorite starting point for new TekstiAI users is to enable our system to crawl their website, allowing customers to ask referenced questions directly from the site content. This approach is incredibly effective for companies seeking a proof of concept for their AI strategy, and for companies who want immediate tangible AI benefits from hour one.

How does TekstiAI work?

Embark on a journey of seamless interactivity and intelligent insights with our application. Designed to cater to your organizational needs, our platform encompasses a range of features allowing you to harness the full potential of AI while ensuring data integrity and user-centric customization.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate through and make the most out of our application.

1. Add Context by Uploading Your Documents

Your documents are the key to personalized and insightful AI interactions. Upload them easily from your local drive or OneDrive to provide a foundation for intelligent questioning:

  • Bulk Upload: Add multiple documents at once to save time and effort.
  • Environment Specification: Assign documents to specific environments to maintain organized access and relevance.
  • Browse and Manage: Easily browse through your documents and delete any when necessary.

2. Personalize the Experience with Prompts

Craft a tailored AI experience by creating and managing prompts that guide the interaction flow:

  • Scope Definition: Set the scope of your prompts to Personal, Environment, or Organisation level to control accessibility and relevance.
  • Prompt Management: Browse through, edit, or delete prompts as per your needs.

3. Take Care of Data Hygiene with Environments

Maintain a clean and secure data ecosystem by creating and managing environments:

  • Environment Creation: Define separate environments for better data organization and access control.
  • User Assignment: Add users to environments, and designate admin status for enhanced control.
  • Admin Status Toggling: Easily toggle admin status for users within an environment for flexible management.

4. Ask Away!

With your documents in place and prompts ready, dive into a world of AI-driven question-answering:

  • Log In Seamlessly: Use email/password or social logins like Microsoft or Google for easy access.
  • Engage with AI: Utilize the contextual understanding provided by your documents and prompts to get insightful answers to your queries.
  • Historical Interaction Access: Revisit your question-answer history to build upon previous interactions.

Profile and User Management

Manage your profile and organizational users effortlessly:

  • Profile Updates: Change your name, reset your password, and manage your login seamlessly.
  • User Management: Add users to your organisation, assign admin statuses, and manage environment assignments for a well-structured user hierarchy.

Embrace a smarter way of interacting with data and garnering insights with our intuitive and user-friendly application. Whether you are tech-savvy or new to digital interfaces, our application is crafted to provide a smooth and enriching user experience.